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DREAM 600 mg


½ Dropper of CBD 

.50 ml = 10 mg


3/4 Dropper of CBD

.75 ml = 15 mg


Full Dropper of CBD

1 ml = 20 mg

LIVE 1000 mg


½ Dropper of CBD

.50 ml = 16.66 mg


¾ Dropper of CBD

.75 ml = 25 mg


Full Dropper of CBD

1 ml = 33.32 mg

RELIEVE 1200 mg


1/2 Dropper of CBD

.50 ml = 20 mg


¾ Dropper of CBD

.75 ml = 30 mg


Full Dropper of CBD

1 ml = 40 mg


Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between live, dream and relieve?

Live and dream are both "Broad Spectrum" and the only difference is that they are a different strength.

Live is 1000mg , good potency to help with anxiety and pain

Dream is 600mg, good potency to help you sleep. 

Relieve is a 1200mg "Full Spectrum".

The difference between Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum? 

Both are the whole plant, meaning that all the terpenes and cannabinoids are present.

The Broad Spectrum has gone through one extra process in order to take all last traces of THC out.

How do you take CBD oil?

Place half to a full dropper full under your tongue and let it slowly dissolve.

When should I take CBD oil?

Take your CBD when you feel you need it the most. There is no particular time for it. 

If you take it on a daily basis, it’s good to take it in the am after you eat something.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

It can be beneficial within 30 minutes 

How long will it last?

It can last up till 5/6 hours, depending on your body and the amount taken

Will it make me high?

No, It won’t make you feel high. Live and dream have zero THC and Relieve has up till 0.3% which is not enough to make you feel high. 

Is our product organic?

Our hemp is organically grown. 

Are there any other ingredients besides CBD?

There is CBN, CBG and CBC detected, which are other phyto-cannabinoids that have great benefits! 

Mixed with MCT coconut oil. 

Can I give it to the elderly?

Absolutely!!! It is amazing for all their aches and pains.

Elderly people often deal with a lot of inflammation which we can minimize with CBD.

CBD is also known to be incredibly beneficial for Chronic pain, epilepsy, parkingson’s, glaucoma and off course sleep disorders. 

Can I give your product to my pet?

Yes! I would start with a few drops and slowly graduate the dosage. 

Will our products test positive on a drug test?

The ‘live’ and ‘dream’ wont. There is zero THC in these products. So you are clear.

The ‘relieve’ can have some traces of THC. So I would not use this one for that reason. 

Can CBD interact with medications?

If you are on heavy medication I suggest you ask your healthcare provider to be sure.

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