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Hope for Haiti



Hope for Haiti is a non profit organization that is very close to our hearts.

We visited Haiti first week of March 2023 and it was one of the most impactful experiences we have gone through. Haiti has been truck by many natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, but on top of that this is a very corrupt country with a government no one can rely on. 

People are extremely poor. Living day by day. For most people getting clean water and 1 meal a day is their only priority.

The country has never been able to be rebuild, due to constant bad luck with continuing earthquakes. Buildings are barely standing up, mountains of debris and trash everywhere, agriculture is ruined and there is no electricity! 

Just to name a few things, but the list goes on...

Clean water, education and healthcare are hard to come by. 

Hope for Haiti has a team of 150 staff in the region of Les Cayes, which is the southern part of the island. Together with the team here in the states we are contributing the people of Haiti with these basic needs. 

In Marre au Coiffe, a town high up in the mountains, children and parents hike up 2/3 hours to get to their school or to simply access education. This is a mountain community with families living all over this mountain. HFH build a school up there so that these families are not forgotten. 

We had the honor to hike with the children and experience it for ourselves. It was a very tough hike!

We are raising awareness and funds to help this community with the daily essentials. 

Hike for Haiti

Hike challenge! 

Hike with us in solidarity with the kids of Marre au Coiffe.

The month of April, hike 10 miles or walk 20.000 steps. the same amount kids and parents hike to get to school or to simply access clean water.


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