Gloria Pope,


Founder of MbraceLife used to worked night shifts as a mixologist and even though she always maintained a healthy lifestyle she did not feel her best. She often felt rushed, impatient and overwhelmed.

A powerful first experience with CBD made her feel so calm and present that she felt compelled to share this with others.

Gloria turned the page, got certified as a health coach and has been unstoppable since.

Her career changed but her passion & mission did not; Gloria loves to put a smile on people’s faces, to make their day a little better and create a positive ripple effect around the world.


Gloria is based out of New York and spends lots of time in Tulum and Spain; she thrives when she is out in nature and close to the ocean.

Her recent collaboration with Mayan artisans from the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) has been a dream come true; the spiritual lifestyle and passion for nature's healing powers, inspired Gloria to create mood-elevating luxury body products that will leave you feeling calm and balanced throughout the day.