A healthy story

Meet Gloria

Hi, my name is Gloria and I am so excited that you made it to our website!

Let me start with telling you a little bit about myself…

I am a Dutchie from Amsterdam, living in NYC.

Yes, that is right, the country of the cheese, tulips and best of all,Cannabis!


I am a certified Health Coach, trained to coach people with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. My goal is for you to live a happy, healthy life, without pain and very little stress! 


Not only will I do my very best to achieve that with our Hemp products, I am happy to guide you with any of these other very important aspects of your every-day life…

Over the last few years my boyfriend and I have been involved with many cannabis companies here in the US and Europe and have seen the unbelievable quality of grows in California, Oregon and off course Colorado! 


We have seen many grows (inside and outside), many processing facilities and many labs. Spoken to hundreds of professionals and will keep talking and learning.   

Although we believe that for growing purposes the USA is doing great, we also see products being made that are very questionable.

We are here to show you good quality, with products that are organically grown and made in a FDA approved lab. No secrets,no chemicals, no additives, or preservatives, no flavors.


Our products have a QR code that takes you straight to a full panel Certificate Of Accuracy  with the click of a button! All so that you can trust that what is written on the bottle is actually what you consume.

I am very much involved with every bottle that goes out the door, and I can promise you that I will not lose personal touch. I have so much love for the Cannabis plant and its healing properties, this is a passion not a job.

I will listen to your feedback and suggestions and take them to action.

Much love, Health and Happiness,







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